TBA- The beginning

Hello Blog Reader/ette!

Since moving to NYC I have learned and noticed so many things! So many things that I find myself telling various members of my family, my friends, my roommate and/or strangers on the subway about my day and I thought I might write them down. It is more of a my daily journal but not in the way that I will write down what I had to eat that day (maybe I will if it is interesting enough like a weird sandwich or a delicious rice pudding trio) or who I think has a crush on who (my doorman really likes some people who live in my building) but it is just a collection of my thoughts about the on goings of this crazy city that I call home. 

So, I hope you read it and enjoy it. Or read it and sort of like it, don't want to throw around the word love because that is a big commitment, or don't even read it all and lie about it to your friends. 

This is not a fashion blog, a health blog or a blog about micro pigs and their contributions to society (they do do a lot for America) but simply a blog about a tall, blonde, (sort of) adult making her way through NYC.